Affinity Puma Massage Chair

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Made from top quality aluminium, the Puma has been a favourite for UK therapists for many years. It is a sturdy, lightweight chair suitable for a range of treatments. Its portability and easy adjustment system makes it the go-to choice for mobile therapists.

The Puma takes just seconds to set up, and can take a working weight over 133 kilograms (or 300 pounds). Even under lateral movement, it is silent and strong. It has a sleek, classic design, and is a stylish addition to your therapy tools. 

The Puma features ergonomic cushioning, and the armrests can be adjusted to 4 different settings for the ultimate in client comfort. It also features a sternum pad, an adjustable chest pad, and an adjustable head rest.

Each adjustable part of the chair is secured with a safety lock, making each treatment comfortable, safe and relaxed for you and your clients. 

Available in Navy, the Affinity Puma massage chair is designed to last you a lifetime. Comes with a non-wheeled carrying case with shoulder strap.


  • Weight: 7 kilograms (15lb)
  • Working Weight: 133 kilograms (300lb)
  • Folded Proportions: 
    • Length: 20 inches (52cm)
    • Width: 15 inches (39cm)
    • Height: 43 inches (110cm)
  • Set Up Proportions:
    • Length: 29 inches (74cm)
    • Width: 21 inches (54cm)
    • Height: 47 - 53.5 inches (120-136cm)