Affinity Sports Pro

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The 3 section Affinity Sports & Beauty Pro is an absolute power house.  Designed predominantly with the sports market in mind, this sleek, robust, feature packed electric massage table is a real ‘must have’ for your clinic/treatment centre.

The user-friendly manual back and knee rest means that this treatment table can be used completely flat, with the back rest raised through almost 90 degrees or with the lower leg section at an angle, allowing you complete flexibility in all your treatments and for any kind of client.  You can vary the type of therapy practiced on the table extensively thanks to the unrestricted options for positioning and seating options this table offers.   A further benefit of the Affinity Sports Pro is the option of using the in-built breath hole (which comes with a bung).

Brake castors on the wheels ensure the table will not move treatment is in progress or while adjusting the height with the foot pedal.  For your convenience, port holes are included at each end of the couch to allow for the use of the face cradle frame.

Our Therafoam padding is firm and supportive at the same time, meaning the table easily handles deep tissue treatments while also being a comfortable beauty couch.  Another feature that adds to the comfort factor is the Affinity ergonomic breathe hole.  Our breathe hole has been specially shaped to ensure the most comfortable experience when in prone position.

Given its strength and flexibility the Sports Pro is regularly used for deep tissue treatments and other vigorous forms of therapy.  The Affinity Sports Pro is excellent value and a strong long-term investment. 

If looking for a more luxurious spa or holistic couch do take a look at the Affinity Diva-Prima.  If you prefer this style of couch but would like more width and 2 sections then look at the two-section Affinity Powerlift.


     • Length: 76 inches (195cm)

     • Width: 25 inches (63cm)

     • Foam Thickness: 2.5 inches (6.5cm) high density, triple-layer Therafoam

     • Height Adjustment: 20 - 38 inches (50 - 97cms)

     • Lifting Capacity: 205kg (440lbs) / 230kg (500lb) working limit

     • Weight: 74kg (163lb)

     • Warranty: 2 years

Please note this is delivered on a pallet curb side and you will be responsible for unpacking and moving the couch to its final destination.