Affinity Diva Prima

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Not content with just looking good, the Affinity Diva-Prima is also a very flexible, multifunctional couch that happily lends itself to any treatment but, most commonly for massage, reflexology, hypnotherapy, beauty and body treatments.  A wonderful investment for any spa/salon or treatment/therapy centre.

With a generous 4 inches of sumptuous Therafoam comfort padding, soft touch PU upholstery and padded side arm rests, the Affinity Diva-Prima takes client comfort and security to another level.  For added comfort and convenience, not to mention flexible therapist positioning, the Diva-Prima includes a nape bolster, breathe hole and face cradle frame with cushion and hanging arm rest.

One of the Affinity Diva-Prima’s most renowned features is its height adjustment.  Starting as low as 17” from the floor, it smoothly and quietly rises through to 39”, thanks to the three European Dewert motors.  This means it can be easily accessed by clients with disabilities/mobility impairments, making it a firm favourite with hospices, care facilities and treatment centres.

The Diva Prima’s height is adjusted via the foot pedal, which can be easily accessed from either side of the couch, whilst a conveniently positioned, user friendly hand-held control panel also operates the back and knee rest angles.

The Affinity Diva-Prima is a truly luxurious, great-looking, fully electric couch that will ensure your customers have the best treatment experience and looks the part in any environment thanks to its classic and timeless design. 


  • Therafoam comfort padding
  • Luxury feel PU upholstery
  • Lifting back rest
  • Lifting knee rest
  • User-friendly controls
  • Strong, steel frame
  • Affinity ergonomic breathe hole and bung
  • Exceptional height range
  • Quality construction
  • Includes face cradle frame, cushion, armrest and nape bolster
  • Removable side arm rests
  • Uses 3 Dewert European actuators
  • Excellent under couch clearance
  • Rounded corners
  • Non-slip feet